-  Photo: Unsplash/Jon Tyson

Photo: Unsplash/Jon Tyson

Revvo Technologies, a smart tire technology and predictive data analytics company, announced Sept. 21 it has deployed its technology solution with the City of Orlando in Florida.

Following a successful pilot program, the City of Orlando has agreed to continue to implement Revvo’s tire technology and advanced data analytics product suite into all of the organization’s solid waste trucks. They are also starting the process to deploy Revvo to the remainder of the 3,000+ vehicles in Orlando’s fleet.

The City of Orlando is focused on leveraging data to drive decision making when it comes to operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Tires are one of the largest maintenance budget line items for the organization and they aim to reduce tire costs by using Revvo’s tire management platform. Revvo’s technology will play a vital role in the city’s greater sustainability initiative by improving fuel economy and extending tire life which leads to reduced tire waste.

Soon, the City of Orlando’s fleet will have automated Pre/Post trip tire inspections emailed to them and user departments. Revvo notifies the appropriate person(s) and departments of real-time alerts instead of creating an additional task for the fleet team. This approach helps reduce the overload of data and enables specific action to be taken on specific vehicles and tires.

The partnership showed success when Revvo sent the first real-time tire alert within 56 hours of deployment identifying two critical tire conditions on the same truck. Within the first 30 days of deployment, data captured on 10% of the Revvo equipped tires triggered alerts that resulted in a majority of the tires being repaired or inspected, saving nearly $4,000 in tire costs. When a tire goes flat, there is a snowball effect of collateral damage. A few other expenses and impacts can include a road call, a tow, an uptick in unscheduled work, staff downtime, and missed services.

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