DeRousha was charged with first-degree murder.  -  Photo: Volusia County Sheriff

DeRousha was charged with first-degree murder.

Photo: Volusia County Sheriff

A Volusia County, Florida, fleet maintenance employee was shot and killed at work on February 4 when another employee arrived at the facility and opened fire on him, according to the Volusia Sheriff.

The Sheriff’s Office believes the motivation behind this shooting was a relationship between the victim and the shooter’s wife, who is also a county employee.

The suspect, Damian DeRousha, 43, was taken into custody without incident and confessed to the shooting. He left work that day, telling his supervisor he had to take care of family business, drove to the building where the victim worked, confronted him, and fired multiple shots. He then waited in his truck for police officers to show up.

The victim, Donald Geno, 31, was working on a vehicle when DeRousha confronted him. He was rushed to the hospital but did not survive.

DeRousha is a special projects coordinator, and Geno was a master mechanic, the Ormond Beach Observer reported.

DeRousha was charged with first-degree murder and is booked at the jail with no bond.

Multiple people witnessed the shooting, according to the Sheriff. Volusia County is providing grief counseling for affected employees.

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