-  Photo: Sonim

Photo: Sonim

Sonim Technologies has announced the launch of Sonim SOS as part of its SonimWare Enterprise Mobility Software. Compatible with the XP3, XP5s, and XP8, Sonim SOS is a powerful app connected to an easy-to-use alarm key that offers an array of customizable safety-first options to keep workers safe and secure.

Sonim SOS is designed with the field worker in mind. From first responders to school bus drivers to construction workers and more, the app allows users to easily set up customized groups and phone numbers to notify in case of an emergency.

Sonim SOS capabilities allow users to:

  • Automatically place a call to 911 or a pre-set custom emergency phone number
  • Send repeated text messages to up to five emergency contacts with location and emergency information
  • Send audible emergency distress alerts with location information to an unlimited number of Sonim SOS users that will sound until reviewed by the recipient
  • Pre-configure start and end emergency message templates to provide situational context
  • Set all Sonim SOS settings from the Sonim CLOUD platform
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