SonimWare Enterprise Mobility Software helps customers more easily deploy, manage, and support...

SonimWare Enterprise Mobility Software helps customers more easily deploy, manage, and support mobile devices in the field.

Photo: Sonim

Sonim Technologies announced Aug. 11 the launch of SonimWare Enterprise Mobility Software to help customers more easily deploy, manage, and support mobile devices in the field. Available on the ultra-rugged XP3, XP5s, and XP8, SonimWare removes common mobility impediments and simplifies and enhances the enterprise and user experience. It enables device provisioning, management, and support, while providing a comprehensive set of advanced control capabilities for devices. 

SonimWare is made up of several components to seamlessly enable enterprise mobility: Sonim SCOUT, a free, intelligent software solution for device configuration, management, and support; Sonim Scan, a 1D/2D barcode scanning application that turns Sonim smartphones into flexible scanning devices; and Sonim CLOUD, a web-based administration console.

SonimWare capabilities include:

  • Device Provisioning and Deployment: enables IT administrators to customize and deploy large numbers of devices from office workers to field workers who have different needs.
  • Application Management: allows enterprises to customize and optimize device screens, keeping things simple for users and allowing access to only those apps which are work or productivity related.
  • Enterprise Security: as part of Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended program, Sonim meets a set of strict requirements, including regular security updates. Additional SonimWare utilities can be used to secure and/or lock down devices, and limit access to apps and device features.
  • Productivity and Safety Tools: built on the enterprise-grade Android operating system, Sonim devices deliver ease-of-use and have access to a global ecosystem of support for many applications. SonimWare productivity utilities include contact transfer, BLE connect, call screening, and stealth mode.
  • Remote Diagnostics and Support: enables field workers to self-diagnose and troubleshoot issues and get the most out of their rugged device.

Key features

  • Setup Wizard enables fast, efficient setup, deployment, and customization.
  • App Updater allows for quick, easy, and remote application updates so users are equipped with the latest tools.
  • Kiosk Mode customizes device screens to optimize usage to apps and features that are productivity related.
  • SafeGuard offers enterprise control over which apps and features are used and ensures those used are work-related.
  • Contact Transfer allows device contacts ​for voice calling and text messaging to be managed over-the-air.
  • Call Screening blocks unwanted incoming calls and messages and restricts outgoing calls and messages to contacts.
  • MDM Helper easily manages and controls device features critical to enterprises.
  • Remote Support enables Sonim to offer immediate and comprehensive device guidance in real-time.
  • Stealth Mode allows quick and easy control over notifications, sounds, display and LED when entering quiet environments.
  • Remotely lock or factory reset lost devices.
  • Block operating system updates until they have been tested (and approved by the enterprise).
  • Deploy custom configurations for device hotspots and ensure the hotspot is launched on device boot.