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What to Do About Your Underutilized Vehicles

From how to determine utilization to how to take away barely used vehicles, here’s what fleet managers can do to improve utilization and begin right-sizing their fleets.

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Low-Budget Greening for Fleets and Maintenance Facilities

From becoming a more environmentally friendly shop to increasing utilization and right-sizing vehicles, fleets can take a number of steps for a cleaner fleet and operation.

Choosing Fleet Motor Pool Over Reimbursement

Establishing a motor pool for employee use rather than reimbursing for every trip can result in lower costs, higher utilization, and a more efficient fleet operation. But it has its limitations.

Pros and Cons of ‘Right-Sizing’ Vehicles to Increase Fuel Economy

Reducing vehicle fuel consumption and increasing fuel economy is one of the top challenges for fleet. However, some veteran fleet managers caution to research before buying.

Best Practices in Fleet Fuel Management

Second only to depreciation, fuel is the second-largest public sector fleet expense. Municipal, county, and state fleets share best practices in reducing fuel expenses.

11 Approaches to Right-Sizing Your Fleet

Traditional methods of determining the most cost-effective fleet size can be inefficient and inaccurate. Several alternative methods can be used individually or in combination.

Making the Hard Decisions: Right-Sizing Your Fleet

Smart companies recognize the value of company vehicles, whether they’re strictly utilitarian or compensatory. It is critical, however, not to let vehicle inventory get out of hand. Right-sizing is a difficult, but necessary task.