Graph courtesy Stertil-Koni.

Graph courtesy Stertil-Koni.

A new study conducted by automotive lift company Stertil-Koni found that the top areas cited as “very important” to fleet maintenance operations in the U.S. and Canada are safety, the top choice of 97% of respondents; controlling costs, at 91%; and minimizing downtime, at 88%.

“From a macro standpoint, our research shows that preventative maintenance programs are virtually universal, now in use by 93% of all respondents,” said Dr. Jean DellAmore, president of Stertil-Koni. “That’s a genuine plus in terms of vehicle durability and safety.”

The study also found other key areas fleet maintenance operations are focusing on, including productivity (85%), employee training (74%), and spare parts availability (70%). Environmental friendliness and energy efficiency were further down the list, at 53% and 51% of respondents citing them as top items, respectively.

Participants in the study included transportation in municipal, military, and commercial organizations. Of these, Stertil-Koni found that more than three-quarters (77%) use vehicle lifts in their fleet maintenance operations and that mobile column lifts are the most widely used (51% of respondents said they use them). These were followed by in-ground piston lifts (18%), 4-post lifts (15%), 2-post lifts (13%) and platform lifts (3%).