Fleet Toolbox offers a great way to benchmark your public-sector fleet against others. The fleetCOMPARE tool allows users to search for similar organizations and benchmark everything from salaries, vehicle lifecycles, budgets and more.

Users can search by state, population, region, fleet type, fleet size, and then drill down into each topic (listed below).

• Vehicle count, average age and average lifecycle by class
• Staff salaries (techs, IT, office, etc.)
• Customers served
• Parts inventory
• Fuel inventory
• Computer system satisfaction, age and costs
• Fuel system satisfaction, age and costs
• Lube inventory
• Budget
• Replacement program status
• Labor rates
• More…

To sign up to use fleetCOMPARE, you must have a paid Premium or Professional account, which you can do here.

A Premium account costs $395 per year (for a fleet with 499 or fewer vehicles) or $795 per year (for a fleet with 500-plus vehicles).

A Professional account, which provides access to Fleet Toolbox's fleetANALYZE and fleetPLAN tools, costs $595 per year (for fleets with 499 vehicles or fewer) or $1,195 (for fleets with 500-plus vehicles).

In our next article, we'll be covering the fleetANALYZE and the various calculators, and reports, it can provide.