-  ​Photo courtesy of Code 3

​Photo courtesy of Code 3

Code 3 has introduced the Outliner series of running board lights, which is available in 24-, 36-, 60-, and 72-inch lengths. The dual color product features white lights paired with either amber, red, or blue lights.

The Outliner is Matrix-enabled and available with 32 light flash patterns including a steady-burn option for each color. The LEDs can also be dimmed to provide a driving light function or on-site indicator.

The wide range of lengths can accommodate a variety of vehicles, or it can be mounted on push bumpers or tailgates. In this instance, a flash pattern that mimics a traffic director could complement the rear or front placement.

With a durable, powder-coated aluminum housing and polycarbonate lenses, the IP67-certified Outliner is capable of working under extreme environmental conditions. It is backed by a five-year, no-hassle warranty.