The Abbeville County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina announced on Facebook that it had acquired two federal surplus Humvees to add to its fleet. Both were free, with the county paying only shipping costs.

“Adding these vehicles to the Sheriff’s Office fleet extends our capabilities to respond to major weather events like the county just experienced,” the Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook.

The vehicles acquired are the ambulance variant of the Humvee platform and provide 4WD, fording capabilities, and the capacity to carry up to 10 people. One will be deployed to the joint Sheriff’s Office/Abbeville PD Special Response Team while the other wil be maintained and deployed as needed.

In Wyoming, the Natrona County Sheriff Department purchased a Lenco Bearcat for its Special Response Team, replacing three repurposed military surplus Peacekeeper units from the 80s, Oil City News reported. The unit is built on a F-550 chassis and can be used in scenarios that include natural disasters, in off-road situations, to protect occupants from gunshots and explosives, and for rescue situations.

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