Axon is offering a preview of the next-gen camera system at IACP this week.

Axon is offering a preview of the next-gen camera system at IACP this week.

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Axon will integrate automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology into its next-generation in-car video system. Axon Fleet 3 will use AI for ALPR to help reduce officer distraction. For example, when searching for stolen vehicles or criminals today, patrol officers manually look up vehicle license plates by typing into their computers. ALPR helps eliminate the need for typing while driving.

Today, most agencies deploy ALPR via specialized vehicle units with plate recognition systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars in only a portion of the vehicle fleet. Axon Fleet 3 will integrate ALPR capability in the dashboard camera of every patrol vehicle, allowing agencies to deploy more coverage at a lower cost. Axon Fleet 3 will also enable Axon Aware real-time telemetry and video streaming capabilities and will be upgradeable to 5G to leverage low-latency connectivity for enhanced real-time services and direct video offload to the cloud.

Axon is leveraging the power of AI to significantly reduce the cost of ALPR systems, making it affordable for every patrol. Axon is simultaneously addressing industry short-comings to improve data security, transparency and privacy as declining costs enable more widespread use of the technology. Axon plans to work collaboratively with communities to better understand and implement controls such as maximum retention periods and transparency tools.

This announcement comes 12 months ahead of initial deployments of the Axon Fleet 3 as part of a collaborative effort to define best practices and a model framework for implementation through conversations with consideration for police needs and public concerns about ALPR technology. Axon is previewing Axon Fleet 3 at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference, Oct. 26-29 in Chicago.

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