The ASV VT-70 High-Output Posi-Track Loader is an all-season vehicle that works equally well in...

The ASV VT-70 High-Output Posi-Track Loader is an all-season vehicle that works equally well in wet mud and snow.

Photo courtesy of ASV

The ASV VT-70 High-Output Posi- Track Loader is an extension of ASV’s original VT-70, which came out in 2018.

“It’s repowered with more horsepower and more torque, so performance-wise, the machine went up considerably,” said ASV Product Line Manager Buck Storlie.

It features 207 lb.-ft. of torque, with a turbocharged 74.3-hp Deutz 2.2L diesel engine. Drive motors transfer the torque to ASV’s patented internal-drive sprockets. Internal rollers reduce friction loss in the undercarriage, resulting in maximum power being transferred to the track regardless of drive speed.

The engine meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards utilizing a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) exhaust after-treatment.

‘Repowered’ Track Loader for All Seasons
‘Repowered’ Track Loader for All Seasons

A Machine for All Seasons

Storlie also promoted the ability of the ASV VT-70 High-Output Posi-Track Loader to perform year-round, noting that the company name, ASV, stands for “all-season vehicles.”

With the machine’s low ground pressure, it works well in wet mud and other summer conditions, and Storlie said the machine’s snow performance was strong.

“We’re getting a lot of business on the snow-removal side,” he said.

Comfort for All Seasons

Storlie said operators will like the new machine’s suspended undercarriage, and he discussed its torsion axle suspension. With a suspension system made up of two independent torsion axles per undercarriage, users will experience a smooth ride over various types of terrain.

“By suspending the track system from the machine, that really provides the first level of comfort,” Storlie said. “The operator feels a lot less of the ground. The suspension can suck that up.” He said the VT-70 High Output compares well against competitive track loaders that are non-suspended or have a rigid frame.

“In a rigid frame design, you’re going to kind of feel everything on the ground,” he said.

Asked specifically about how the VT-70 High-Output can benefit government agencies, Storlie emphasized the machine’s year-round performance and its strong serviceability.

“Plus, the power to handle any number of different attachments creates a versatile piece of equipment that results in a high ROI,” Storlie added.