The state fleet already includes 10 battery-electric 2014 Nissan Leaf sedans.

The state fleet already includes 10 battery-electric 2014 Nissan Leaf sedans.

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The North Carolina Department of Administration (DOA) has released a Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Plan, establishing the state plan for adopting cleaner vehicles into its fleet.

An executive order issued by Governor Roy Cooper last year included a call on the DOA to identify the types of trips for which a ZEV is feasible, the infrastructure needed to support ZEV use, how to increase the procurement and utilization of ZEVs, and a report on the ZEVs already in use by state agencies.

In developing this plan, DOA worked with Sawatch Labs to analyze 2,417 fleet vehicles that were deemed the best candidates for replacement and conduct an electric vehicle (EV) suitability assessment using telematics data.

This assessment assigns scores to each vehicle based on whether the vehicle travels within the range of an EV, the financial impact of replacing the vehicle with an EV, and how often the vehicle parks in the same location overnight. It also considers cargo capacity, passenger capacity, towing capability, and other requirement. The assessment determined that 572 vehicles could be switched to EVs, using statewide existing charging infrastructure.

The state fleet currently includes10 Nissan Leaf EVs, two Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrids, and three Toyota Camry hybrids. In support of Gov. Cooper’s executive order, the Motor Fleet Management Division is in the process of adding 20 additional ZEVs that will be assigned by the end of 2019.

The DOA also released a list of actions it will take to increase ZEV adoption among state agencies, including:

  • Hosting training sessions for state employees
  • Developing online training materials and modules for agency vehicle coordinators
  • Promoting ZEVs through the DOA newsletter, social media, and informational sessions/roadshows

View the full plan here.

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