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FMCSA Extends, Expands ‘Essential’ Goods Exemption

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The Fleet Electrification Checklist

The Fleet Electrification Checklist

The Fleet Electrification Checklist

Fleet electrification has become one of the industry’s most popular initiatives in recent years.  Electrified vehicles (EVs) can help organizations make substantial reductions in fuel costs and carbon emissions, but they are not an ideal fit for every application or environment.  

Having a strong EV plan in place can make the difference between success and failure.  The Fleet Electrification Checklist provides a practical, step by step guide to assessing and implementing these vehicles successfully into your fleet.  It features:

  • Recent research on EV adoption rates and projections
  • Survey results on the top motivations and concerns among U.S. fleet managers
  • Resources on locating the top available funding incentives in your area
  • A seven step EV checklist with the top considerations needed to help ensure success

By XL Fleet Electrification