NYPD Arrests Fleet Vandals

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has arrested three people identified as having been involved in multiple thefts of catalytic converters from city-owned vehicles. The arrests took place in late March and early April.

Since December 2018, NYC’s fleet has been the target of vandals removing and stealing catalytic converters from the under-carriages of vehicles parked on the street. Most of the impacted units were hybrid Toyota Priuses. Five agencies were impacted, with Housing and Preservation Development being the hardest hit. The vandals went underneath the vehicles, cutting out the converters, likely to sell them for the steel or as parts.

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has recorded over $40,000 in damage so far, as well as towing costs and disruption of normal agency operations. Most of the thefts were in upper Manhattan, but three other boroughs, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens were also impacted.

Keith Kerman, chief fleet officer, thanked the NYPD for taking quick action and the agencies impacted for helping with their efforts.

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