Photo via Flickr/Twanda Baker.

Photo via Flickr/Twanda Baker.

The North Carolina State Capitol Police have arrested three people for the vandalism of 65 state cars and theft of 23 gasoline credit cards in the fall. The total loss from damaged state cars and illegal use of the gas cards was $35,747.

Rodney Jermaine Wilson, 36, and his two sons, Rodney Jermaine Wilson Jr., 18, and Dantwan Kayshawn Bridges, 17, are charged with 97 felonies, including breaking and entering vehicles, financial card thefts, and burning of personal property, according to a release from the state's Department of Public Safety.

The men are suspected to have smashed car windows and taken gas credit cards from glove boxes or center consoles of the state cars either overnight or on weekends over the course of several weeks. The majority of the vandalism and thefts occurred at seven Department of Public Safety locations in Wake County. The fuel credit cards were used at more than a dozen locations across the mid-section of the state.

Total loss from damaged state cars was close to $20,000 and the illegal use of the credit cards was almost $16,000.