- Photo courtesy of Bobcat

Photo courtesy of Bobcat

Bobcat Company has a line of six new nitrogen breaker attachments for demolition work.  They can be used with all Bobcat compact excavators, compact track loaders, skid-steer loaders, and mini track loaders.

The nitrogen breakers have minimal internal parts, a single lower bushing, and easily accessible grease ports. Each of these design features reduces the breaker’s maintenance requirements and makes rebuilds easier. The unique valve design of the breakers lessens hydraulic pressure fluctuation, which reduces stress on the carrying equipment’s hydraulic pumps.

A loader X-Change mounting frame allows owners to transition nitrogen breakers from a compact loader to a compact excavator.

Nitrogen breaker tools vary by model and include blunts, moils, chisels and nail points. Customers should confirm which tools are approved for use with Bobcat nitrogen breakers and carriers. A special applications kit is required when operating a nitrogen breaker.