Va. Police Gets EV for Response at Public Events

Photo courtesy of Capitol Police

The Virginia Division of Capitol Police has added a new six-seat electric vehicle to its fleet. Capitol Police purchased the vehicle using grant funds from the U.S. Department of Justice. The agency plans to use the vehicle to support its response to large public events on state properties.

The vehicle is a GEM manufactured by Polaris Industries.

The vehicle is licensed for use on city streets and capable of traveling 25 mph. It weighs nearly 1,700 lbs. and is equipped with front-wheel-drive and power steering. It has removable doors, adjustable seats, and a large rear storage area, enabling it to be used for transporting officers or supplies such as bicycles, food, or water.

The vehicle has a range of 35 miles, can reach all state properties the division is assigned to protect in Richmond, and will be less expensive to operate than a traditional police vehicle and have less of an environmental impact, Col. Anthony “Steve” Pike, Capitol Police chief, said in a statement.

“Especially important is that in good weather our officers can operate the GEM without its doors,” Pike said, “bringing them closer to the public we serve.”

The Division of Capitol Police provides police services to the state capital, state agencies, state employees, and elected officials.

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