Toro Groundsmaster 1200 pull-behind mower 
 -  Photo courtesy of Toro

Toro Groundsmaster 1200 pull-behind mower

Photo courtesy of Toro 

The all-new Toro Groundsmaster 1200 pull-behind rotary mower allows users to leverage the equipment they already and add versatility to a tractor that may otherwise sit idle. The mower features three independent contour-following cutting decks that offer a 12-foot width of cut, allowing operators to cut more grass in less time than it would take with a smaller mower.

In addition, the Groundsmaster 1200 is designed to make turnarounds quick and easy. There’s no need to turn off the PTO in order to turn around and continue mowing in the opposite direction; simply raise the decks a few inches to prevent scuffing.

For added convenience, the wing decks fold up for faster transport. This not only reduces the machine width to a narrow 88 inches, but also allows easy access to the underside of the deck for cleaning and blade replacement. During transport, the torsion axle also cushions the load of the attachment, minimizing bumps and jarring for a smoother ride.

Cutting decks are equipped with the same spindles with heavy-duty shafts and dual tapered roller bearings as other models in the line. Like the Groundsmaster 4000 and 5900, the Groundsmaster 1200 also features bidirectional impact absorption technology, which protects the wing decks against damage from inadvertent contact with obstacles. If an operator accidentally hits an obstacle with a wing deck, the deck pivots out of the way.

The height of cut can be adjusted from 0.5 to 4 inches. Cutting decks also follow undulations in the terrain for an excellent aftercut appearance. Additionally, two full-width rollers are positioned on the front and rear of each deck — not only reducing scalping on undulating terrain, but also providing exceptional turf striping.

The Groundsmaster 1200 pull-behind rotary mower is compatible with Toro’s new Outcross 9060 and other tractors with at least 35 hp PTO.