Photo of the 2017 Police Interceptor Sedan courtesy of Ford

Photo of the 2017 Police Interceptor Sedan courtesy of Ford

Ford has released important deadlines for fleets interested in purchasing the Police Interceptor (PI) Sedan before it is discontinued; the last vehicles produced will be 2019 model-year vehicles.

Final orders for the 2018 model-year PI Sedan will close on June 8. The order bank for the 2019 model-year PI Sedan will open on June 13, and final orders will be taken early in the fourth quarter of this year. Production of the PI Sedan will end by March of 2019.

Fleets interested in stocking up on the model are encouraged to get their orders in early to ensure production.

In late April, Ford announced it would phase out most of its sedans by 2020 in response to declining popularity of passenger cars in favor of utility vehicles and trucks.

This trend toward SUVs is also present in the police market, as Ford’s Police Interceptor Utility accounted for 80% of the company’s PI sales last year. The company will also offer the new Police Responder Hybrid Sedan and F-150 Police Responder, introduced last year.

When coupled with the discontinuation of the Chevrolet Caprice in 2017, the outlook for sedans in the police market may seem uncertain. But Ford has assured customers that it will continue to offer the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan for fleets interested in sedans. Production on the Police Responder Hybrid will begin this summer and continue for the next few years.

At the moment, Ford is hosting a series of Ride & Drives to promote its new line of Police Responder vehicles. The tour began in April and will continue through June.

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