The Cat 325F excavator features a C4.4 ACERT U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engine with a 161-hp rating that’s paired with a responsive hydraulic system and is built for close-quarters work.

The 325F’s compact radius design makes it ideal for working in space-restricted areas such as road jobs with lane closures and next to buildings or other structures. It offers a front swing radius of 7 feet, 8 inches and a tail swing radius of 5 feet, 8inches. When it’s rotated 90 degrees and working over the side, just five feet of counterweight extends beyond the track width, which allows trucks and jersey barriers to be positioned closer to the machine.

The 325F can run on biodiesel up to B-20, and it will consume up to 22% less diesel fuel than its predecessor. With a maximum lifting capacity of 27,000 lbs. at 15 feet over the front at ground level, the 325F exceeds its predecessor model's capacity by 8%. 

Wide service doors provide access to filters, pressure taps, and ports that are grouped together for convenient and speedier service. The two-piece engine hood comes with gas cylinder assist for easy access.

The machine uses a modified X-frame design that resists digging and lifting forces for enhanced service life, and its front linkage ensures long-term endurance and performance. The 325F’s heavy-duty undercarriage uses massive track frames, heavy-duty track rollers, forged carrier rollers, and grease-lubricated track links that significantly extend link life and reduce sound when the machine travels.

A handrail helps take the operator to the top of the machine, and anti-skid plating and countersunk bolts help reduce the risk of slipping and tripping. The 320F also has a standard rearview camera, and it also comes with a full-length firewall to separate the pump and engine compartments. Plus a red-colored, ground-level fuel cutoff switch to shut down the engine in case of emergency is reachable from the seat.

Several different bucket styles are available for it to meet specific excavating and truck loading requirements.