Terex’s ‘rental-ready’ compact excavators — TC16-2, TC22-2, TC35-2, and TC35R-2 — were designed to bring cost savings to customers. Performance tests carried out by Terex show the new models offer up to 20% more work performance on average (faster trench digging times) compared to other models available in the market.

The compact excavators are equipped with LUDV hydraulics (load-independent flow distribution), a technology offered in very few models in this size class. The LUDV enables power to be transferred to the attachment the operator is using as needed. Even when working with hard soils, the bucket offers outstanding ground penetration. Its conventional design ensures the machine remains stable even on rough terrains, according to the company.

For the precise control of attachment tools such as hammers or cutters, the second auxiliary circuit is operated with electrically proportional control, a standard feature offered on the Terex TC22-2 and larger models, optional in the TC16-2 model. The operator will enjoy precise joystick control (Terex Fingertip Control), a feature usually implemented in higher-ton class excavators. Additionally, an extra-large diesel fuel tank on the TC35-2 and TC35-2R models enables many hours of uninterrupted work. The new Terex TC35-2R model also incorporates a short-tail design, allowing for excavation adjacent to walls and other obstacles.