John Deere's new Final Tier 4 G-Series skid-steer loaders, the 312Gr, 314G, 316Gr, and 318G, feature an improved horsepower-to-weight ratio and an optimized boom design that offers improvements to its radical-lift and vertical-lift models

The G-series machines provides 11% additional fuel capacity over previous models, while the improved horsepower-to-weight ratio on the vehicles results in faster cycle times.

The new vertical lift models, the 314G (51 hp) and 318G (65 hp), now have a boom design the enable lift heights of 10 feet. The design on the models also provides an all-around visibility with clear sight lines above and below the boom. This allows for easier grading in tight spaces.

The radial-lift models, 312Gr (51 hp) and 316Gr (61 hp), now have a 20% increase in breakout forces. They also offer an exclusive one-person boom lockout system for safety that can be activated from within the cab. The lift system is designed for lower maintenance and optimal digging performance, which is ideal when more reach is needed at mid-range lift heights.

The G-series models also feature a new operator station that features qualities that were introduced on the E-series machines.