The Doosan DL220-5 Tier 4-compliant wheel loader offers several improvements over previous models, which includes cab enhancements, a new high-lift Z-bar configuration, and simpler maintenance procedures, according to the company

The cab offers a new fuel-consumption gauge that informs the operator of the amount of fuel being used in real, and it features an updated keypad and dashboard. An improved adjustable steering column was also added, which provides more legroom and floor space.

Two rear LED lamps on the DL220-5, improved over previous models, allow for better rear visibility for nighttime use, while an adjustable sun visor helps limit the amount of sunlight into the cab.

The DL220-5 includes additional oil sampling ports that help improve preventive maintenance procedures. Fluid pressures are now also viewable on the dash panel

A standard element to Doosan’s wheel load series, the DL220-5 is manufactured with a standard Z bar lift-arm linkage, which is ideal for scooping, loading, and carrying. This new model, however, has a new high-lift Z-bar configuration that extends the dump height 18 inches above the DL220-5.

The Doosan DL220-5 has a 160 hp engine and offers the productivity and performance of previous models. Doosan DL220-5 wheel loaders are driven by a powershift transmission, which offer three selectable transmission modes.