Rotary Lift’s Line Light 4 LED runway light kit is designed to illuminate the underside of a truck when on raised lifts in a repair shop.

The kit includes four LED light wands that attach to the lift itself that use more than 600 LEDs to produce more than 4,000 lumens or the equivalent of four 75-watt incandescent bulbs.

The Line Light kit works with Rotary Lift’s HDC Series, parallelogram, SM30 and AR18 heavy-duty lifts and can be retrofitted to most runway-style lifts. The kit’s LED wands range from 50.5 to 56 inches long and can be connected in series to enable all lights to be controlled by a single switch.

The light wands are held in place by magnetic clips which allow them to be repositioned along the lift’s runways as needed. The clips also allow each wand to be rotated to shed light on the floor, tool cart or vehicle underside.

The Line Light kit is part of Rotary Lift’s Tech Light line that also includes the Line Light 2 kit for two-post lifts and the Line Light R handheld lamp.