Forward Lift’s CR50 and CR60 four-post vehicle lifts have been built to offer more user-friendly features meant to improve productivity, according to the company.

The amount of moving parts inside the lifts have been reduced, which reduces the amount of maintenance needed compared to traditional heavy-duty four-post lifts. All four posts of the new CR series vehicle lifts are identical and come with individual battery-powered hydraulic cylinders that remove the need for cables, chains, or sheaves under the runways.

Four identical posts also means that a user can operate a CR Series lift from any corner. Shop owners should see minimal installation costs, as CR Series lifts can be anchored to shop floors using four wedge anchors at each post without the need for site preparation or excavation, according to Forward Lift.

The CR50/60's battery is able to raise a vehicle 78 inches in 65 seconds and can be charged using a standard 110-volt connection. 

The CR50 has a 50,000 lb. capacity while the CR60 has a 60,000-lb. capacity.

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