The Caterpillar MH3022 and MH3024 wheeled material handlers feature a new engine and redesigned hydraulic system that combine to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% compared to their predecessors, the M318D MH and M322D MH. Redesign of the cab and cab access, added lighting, and vision-enhancing cameras promote greater safety, comfort, and convenience for the operator, and a wide choice of dedicated front linkages, work tools, guards, and undercarriages allow the models to work productively in scrap-recycling and other applications.

The MH3022 and MH3024 use the Cat C7.1 ACERT engine, rated at 169 hp, and have operating weights of 22.7 and 25.7 metric tons, respectively.

The engine meets Tier 4 final emission standards, and the engine now integrates an emissions after-treatment system that requires no attention other than periodically replenishing the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank.

Emissions technology includes the Cat NOx-reduction system, selective catalytic reduction, diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter (DPF), and high-pressure/common-rail fuel system. The DPF features passive regeneration that does not require operator intervention and causes no interruption in the work cycle. The design of the engine and the after-treatment system results in low fluid consumption for new models, conserving both fuel and DEF to lower operating costs, according to the company.

An engine-idle shutdown system saves fuel by shutting down the engine when it has been idling for a preset amount of time.  In addition, the Eco Mode has been refined and reduces engine speed with no reduction of power, providing reduced fuel consumption with no compromise in performance.

An electronically controlled hydraulic system combines with new medium-pressure pumps and new fan pump to enhance hydraulic response and reduce overall load on the engine for greater fuel efficiency.