Kubota Tractor Corporation’s B2650 and B3350 ROPS tractors and B3350SU Special Utility tractor are new models to the company’s B50-Series compact tractors.

The B3350 and B3350SU models offer a liquid-cooled E-TVCS (emissions-three vortex combustion system) engine, delivering increased power and high torque for more strength and enhanced productivity. Equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), these models further reduce emissions to ensure compliance with the latest Tier IV emission standards. Each of the new models offer Kubota’s proven three-range, clutchless HST transmissions for easy operation and the optimal speed to match any job – low-range for extra power at low speed, mid-range for normal operations, and high-range for transporting from place to place. Additionally, operators can move more efficiently between jobs at top travel speeds ranging from approximately 12 mph to more than 14 mph with turf tires.

The B50-Series ROPS models feature 19.5 hp for the B2650 and 27 hp for both the B3350 and the B3350SU.

Ideal for light utility work, mowing, or landscaping, the B50-Series offers a variety of performance-matched implements, including a front loader, backhoe, mid-mount mower, standard and light material buckets, and snow blades.