Felling Trailers’ Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck with Oilfield Beavertail Trailer gives users the ability to both front- and rear-load the trailer. By detaching the gooseneck, users can load from the front, and by dropping the suspension and blocking the beavertail, the trailer can be loaded from the rear. These options give users the capability of loading the trailer in tight areas. These models’ capacities range from 35-60 tons with 2-3 axle configurations. 

Some of the standard features of the Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck with Oilfield Beavertail trailers include:

  • Hub piloted wheels
  • Fully sealed wiring
  • Heavy-duty bent D-rings
  • LED lights
  • 20,000 load-bearing bolsters
  • Air-ride suspension
  • 5-year limited structural warranty
  • 3-year paint warranty

Optional features include:

  • 9-10-foot widths
  • Movable king pin settings
  • Wide load lights
  • Rear lift axles
  • Pin pockets
  • Flip neck extension
  • Full-length wheel covers
  • Pony motor kit