The Charles Machine Works (CMW), Inc., manufacturer of Ditch Witch underground construction equipment, announces the release of two new directional drills: the Ditch Witch JT30 Mach 1 and JT30 All Terrain.

Both drills incorporate extensive customer feedback, resulting in drills with greater power to all drill functions, more stability, simplicity of operation, and greater overall efficiency, according to the company.

Each drill is equipped with a 160-gross-hp, interim Tier 4 engine. A Ditch Witch-exclusive “assisted makeup and breakout” function means the machines automatically adjust the carriage thrust speed when making up and breaking out drill pipe. This saves wear on pipe threads and helps reduce operator fatigue.

Other industry-exclusive features include intuitive carve mode, which enables the operator to steer more easily with the patented TriHawk drill bit; an exclusive double-pivot drill frame, which allows steep entry angles without raising the tracks off the ground; and a heavy-duty anchor system that enables the operator to push or pull with full machine thrust and maintain stability, resulting in a more productive and efficient bore, according to CMW.

The JT30 All Terrain features an advanced inner-rod design, enabling the machine to drill in the widest range of ground conditions, from mixed hard soil to solid rock.

For all their horsepower, the JT30 Mach 1 and JT30 All Terrain are exceptionally quiet, with a maximum 85-dBA operator sound pressure, so they can operate in urban areas with minimal disruption and environmental impact. The slim design measures just 80 inches wide without the optional enclosed, climate-controlled cab.

The JT30 Mach 1 and JT30 All Terrain are designed to provide superior visibility of the jobsite and machine functions from the operator’s station, which features advanced electronics and diagnostic capabilities. The machines’ open-top vise wrenches are angled toward the drill operator for an excellent view of the tool joint when making up and breaking out pipe.

For easy maintenance and servicing, the machines are designed with hinges on the main and rear hoods to allow easy access to all service points in the engine and mud pump. The rear mud pump cover enables the machines to operate in colder conditions.