Code 3, Inc. introduces its SuperVisor U, a new version of Code 3’s front windshield interior light. The SuperVisor U is designed to fit the windshield curves and angles of most vehicles (thus the “Universal” name) and reduce, and in most cases prevent, flashback light from distracting the driver. The adjustable side-shield light blocking plates have been designed specifically to block out flashback light from the sides, according to the company.

The light’s bracketing and rubber gaskets allow this two part (one on the driver’s side and one on the passenger’s side) interior light to be mounted to almost any vehicle, the company stated. The SuperVisor U comes with four outer mounting brackets, one inner mounting bracket set, and a set of four slotted mounting brackets along with threaded fasteners, and two types of bracket washers to fill gaps when necessary.

Designed with the Torus LED technology, the SuperVisor U has bright, efficient LEDs. When ordered with takedowns, a technician can angle the two takedown lights to the desired position.