The Transcube XT line of high-capacity diesel fuel tanks delivers an environmentally friendly solution for fuel handling in a number of specialized applications. Conforming to all applicable government regulations, the tanks are legally transportable while full, making them ideal for rapid fuel deployment to remote locations, natural disaster sites, and military operations.

Standard models in the Transcube XT line include the TCT100 and TCT200, which offer capacities of 2,450 gallons and 5,000 gallons, respectively. Each unit features a cylindrical inner tank that is specially designed to hold diesel during transport. Internal baffles assist in minimizing fuel surges while the tank is in transit or being maneuvered on a jobsite. The inner tank is enclosed within an outer wall that ensures 110-percent secondary containment to eliminate the risk of spills or ground contamination.

Built within ISO container dimensions, Transcube XT tanks are UL and ULC approved for safe diesel fuel storage. The tanks are also certified to transport fuel by road, rail, and sea under codes and regulations issued by the U.S. DOT, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), UN CFR49 part 178.274, International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG), International Union of Railways (UIC), Transport Canada (TC), and Convention of Safe Containers (CSC).

Each tank is equipped with four feed and return connections to provide direct plumbing to engines, along with a fuel pump or auxiliary equipment feed. Each model features a 2-inch fill pipe, including an overfill prevention valve, that is easily accessible for quick refilling of the tank. All ports, pumps, fittings, and connections are centrally located in a weatherproof control cabinet, which is housed inside the secondary containment area and secured with a three-point locking system to prevent theft or tampering. A fold down cabinet step allows easy access to the tank fittings and pumps, and a high accuracy contents gauge constantly monitors fuel levels.

Also available in the Transcube XT line is the TCT200CAB, a 4,500-gallon capacity tank that provides additional cabinet space for equipment and accessories. The TCT200CAB is equipped with a spill containment sump that collects and contains any dripping or spills within the control cabinet.

An inspection manway on all models allows for simple maintenance, cleaning and inspection of the inner fuel tank and compartments. ISO corner twist locks keep the containers secure during transit. Additionally, each tank has forklift pockets on two sides to allow for simple handling and positioning. Tanks can be stacked up to six units high while full of fuel, reducing transport and storage space requirements.

Transcube XT tanks are offered with several pumps, fittings, and other optional tools, including electric transfer pumps, supply and return connections, fuel hoses and quick couplers, hose reels, gauges, and overfill alarms. Tanks and fittings can also be supplied with custom colors to match a user's existing fleet of equipment.