Bobcat Company introduces its new replacement rubber track patterns for Bobcat compact track loaders, compact excavators, and mini track loaders. In addition to factory-installed rubber track replacements, Bobcat has tread designs available to suit a variety of applications.

The new EarthForce by Bobcat H-pattern rubber tracks are a multiple application choice for compact track loaders. The H-pattern lug design features a pyramid structure for even weight distribution and wear, along with a feature that helps to prevent lug cracking damage to the track body. The tracks also feature patented continuous cable belting, forged heat-treated steel links, and proprietary rubber compounds containing multiple rubber layers for dynamic track functions, designed to provide reliable performance.

Like the H-pattern track, the line of EarthForce compact excavator rubber tracks also feature the patented continuous belting technology, forged and heat-treated steel links, and proprietary rubber compounds. The tread design of each size is matched to the equipment application to provide less vibration and a smoother ride, as well as enhance operator comfort. The short-pitch technology of the EarthForce compact excavator tracks reduces vibration and helps extend sprocket life.

In addition, the multi-application, multi-season track is now available as a replacement track option for Bobcat mini track loaders. The double offset tread pattern contains the growth of cuts and cracks and protects the track body from damage. The unique tread pattern is also designed to provide superior traction in snow.