TUCSON, AZ - Goblin Motors manufactures the world's first human powered fleet vehicle.

Available February 2009, Goblin Motors introduces our all-new, affordable, high-mpg vehicle. Called the Goblin Aero, it is designed to serve as reliable daily transportation that dramatically reduces or completely eliminates emissions. Getting approximately 150 mpg (with the gasoline engine power-assist), the GoblinAero high-mpg vehicle can be registered as a moped or ridden without registration as a motorized bicycle in many states. The GoblinAero is technically defined as a ‘velomobile’ and is available to utilize using only human power.


Available with hybrid-drive and electric-only drive. These systems are currently available at extra cost.

This vehicle is based upon a proven chassis that is mass produced and very reliable.

Engine Choices

(we recommend the Honda GXH 50)

Honda GXH 50 Power Curve

Honda GX 31 Power Curve

Honda GX 22 Power Curve

Honda GXH 50 Specifications

Honda GX 31 Specifications

Honda GX 22 Specifications

Corporations and governments can reduce costs, reduce or completely eliminate emissions, and help to keep their employees more fit by utilizing our new line of human powered vehicles. They are ideal for in-town, local use, and are designed to cruise in the 20-35 mph range. Power assisted models achieve approximately 150 mpg. The standard power assist GoblinAero model sells for $5995 at retail and $5495 for orders of 5 units or more.


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