Terex, based in Watertown, South Dakota, responded to class action lawsuit against its XT trucks by re-asserting that the trucks with aerial lifts remain safe.

On July 22, attorneys representing Ace Tree Surgery, Inc. filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Terex’ Hi-Ranger XT series did not meet minimum standards for aerial devices. The lawsuit asserted that Terex was aware its product did not meet safety minimums yet claimed it did and continued to sell it.

The company has responded claiming that this was not the case.

"Operator safety is and has always been the first priority of Terex South Dakota," according to an official response from Terex. "The XT Series of aerial lifts cited in the class action lawsuit were designed in compliance with applicable ANSI standards."

File photo: Terex XT PRO 60/70

File photo: Terex XT PRO 60/70

Terex South Dakota has manufactured more than 9,000 XT Series aerial lifts since it was first introduced in 1996, according to the company. Every one of these aerial lifts have gone through a thorough testing program by the Terex South Dakota factory and the end stage installers, according to Terex.

"Accordingly, Terex South Dakota denies the allegations made by Plaintiffs' lawyers in the class action lawsuit that the XT line does not comply with the ANSI standards," the company wrote to Utility Fleet eNews. 

The company claims that all XT series aerial lifts are safe for their intended use as long as they’re operated, serviced, and maintained in accordance with Terex instructions as well as ANSI and OSHA requirements.