Erie County, N.Y., is conducting a study to see whether leasing vehicles could result in savings. Two county legislators requested the study after learning that a nearby county — Cattaraugus County — expects to save $700,000 by leasing 70 vehicles.

“It is our duty to review every possible option to save taxpayer money, and with a fleet as large as Erie County's, it is essential that we examine how we can better handle this expense," said Majority Leader Joseph Lorigo in a release. "At this time we don’t know if leasing would be less expensive, but it is certainly worth investigating."

State legislators approved the study on June 25 and requested the county executive and comptroller work with departments to create a report analyzing leasing versus purchasing as well as maintenance costs.

The resolution specifically requests participation from the Departments of Public Works and Parks, as well as the Sheriff’s Office, with focus on finding ways to save money on high-mileage vehicles that require a lot of repair and frequent replacement.

"The departments do a good job getting as much out of county vehicles as possible, while being fiscally responsible but there is only so much they can do," said Legislator Ted Morton. "Maintenance costs are expensive. If leasing is proven to be the better option, I would encourage the county to move in this direction with a reputable company."

Once the report is complete, legislators will discuss it in the Government Affairs Committee.