Chevin Fleet Solutions released the FleetWave Mobile app to be used in conjunction with the company’s FleetWave fleet management system. The app will work on Android or mobile Windows smartphones and tablets; an Apple iOS version is in development.

The FleetWave Mobile app will be adapted to the individual needs of each fleet and can gather almost any kind of fleet or operational information using manual input, bar codes, QR codes, or pictures. Crucially, FleetWave Mobile does not have to be online to capture data – information can be stored and then uploaded whenever a connection is regained.

“Chevin’s approach with the development of FleetWave Mobile is to make our enterprise fleet management information system as flexible as possible,” Ron Katz, senior vice president of North American sales, said. “FleetWave Mobile can be configured to work in almost any fleet situation.” As examples, he said that technicians inspecting a piece of equipment or a vehicle for compliance can use an inspection form generated within the app, a driver of a delivery vehicle needing to capture a signature confirming a delivery can use the app, and a field worker needing to record complex information regarding a service call can be managed using FleetWave Mobile.

Katz said the FleetWave mobile app will allow fleets to cut down on paper communication, something the industry still commonly uses to communicate with field workers.

“Using FleetWave Mobile, many fleets will instantly gain more timely and accurate access to valid fleet operating data all while significantly reducing the costs associated with collecting this important data,” he said.