The spray provides multi-metal corrosion protection that is temperature stable to 180°F.

The spray provides multi-metal corrosion protection that is temperature stable to 180°F.

Photo: Cortec

Cortec has announced the release of EcoAir biobased outdoor coating powered by Nano VpCI. The new product addresses two aspects of environmental responsibility while expanding its options for user convenience.

EcoAir biobased outdoor coating is a ready-to-use temporary coating designed for severe marine and high humidity conditions. It comes in a convenient EcoAir spray can, and it is classified as non-flammable. It provides multi-metal corrosion protection that is temperature stable to 180°F. It leaves behind an oily protective film that does not dry and offers rust prevention in outdoor applications. When the protection period is over, the coating can be removed by rinsing with a Cortec VpCI-41x series cleaner degreaser. In addition to its corrosion inhibiting quality, the most significant fact is its classification as a USDA Certified Biobased Product that contains 65% USDA biobased content. This high level has been achieved by combining renewably sourced oil and solvent materials with Cortec’s proprietary VpCI corrosion inhibitor formulation for effective protection.

The spray can makes the coating easy to carry around and spray where needed, even in remote locations that do not have readily available electricity to run power spray equipment. EcoAir cans can be sprayed in any direction, even upside down, making it easy to apply the coating in hard-to-reach areas.

EcoAir cans also have environmental, health, and safety benefits. Instead of using traditional chemical propellants such as CO2 or flammable propane/isobutane, the coating is powered by compressed air and classified as nonflammable. An EcoPouch inserted into the pressurized can contains the liquid, which is expelled by the surrounding pressure as the valve is depressed. When the can is empty, the metal can be recycled after the pouch is removed.

It is a convenient, more sustainable option for temporary protection of metal parts almost any place a wet film corrosion inhibitor is desired. For example, tube manufacturers who need to temporarily store piping on sheltered outdoor racking can protect unpainted ends with a quick spray. Offshore layup crews in the habit of protecting bare metal moving equipment parts with a petroleum-based wet film corrosion inhibitor can substitute EcoAir biobased outdoor coating while still getting a high level of protection in a marine environment. It is also a great option for manufacturers who want to spray a light oily biobased protective coating on metal components before shipping or storage (e.g., automotive service parts).

Originally posted on Work Truck Online