The MaxiTPMS ITS600 is a wireless, touchscreen Android-based tablet that offers complete TPMS diagnostics and service functions. The tablet features a 5.5-inch color display and Bluetooth vehicle communication interface (VCI). Compatible with U.S, Asian, and European TPMS-equipped vehicles, the ITS600 features an enhanced TPMS status screen, VINscan for rapid vehicle identification, four MX-Sensor programming options, OBDII relearn functionality, and onscreen relearn instructions for all vehicles.

ITS600 - Diagnostics & Service

  • 5.5” touchscreen tablet with Android 9.0 OS
  • Optical scanner identifies VIN / MMY
  • Four service resets OLS, BMS, SAS, and EPB
  • Read & erase all system codes
  • Free Wi-Fi software updates for life Of tool

TBE200 - Laser Measurement

  • Tire tread depth measurement
  • Brake disk wear measurement
  • No need to remove wheel during measurement
  • 0.1mm laser accuracy

1-Sensor Dual Frequency

  • Programmable universal TPMS
  • 99% vehicle coverage
  • Exclusive press release button
  • Interchangeable valve stems