New auxiliary safety cameras grow Netradyne’s AI and vision powered safety platform to meet the...

New auxiliary safety cameras grow Netradyne’s AI and vision powered safety platform to meet the needs of fleets and extend their views to reach 360 degrees around the vehicle.

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Netradyne, an artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing company, announced Feb. 24 the expansion of the Driveri product portfolio with DriveriHub. Designed for expandability, DriveriHub is bundled as an accessory to Driveri and enables customers to add up to four additional cameras to their existing installation for a complete 360-degree exterior view around the entire vehicle. With additional cameras connected to DriveriHub, drivers and fleets can now safely and securely view the entire vehicle for the full driving day.

While Netradyne’s Driveri D-410 and D-210 help fleets of all sizes improve their overall safe driving experience through positive driving recognition, automated coaching, and AI and object detection, the views covered by the core Driveri devices see forward, in-cab, and to both sides of the vehicle, enough to ensure safe driving in all road conditions. The additional cameras connected to the DriveriHub expand those views depending on the needs of the fleet. From interior views for school buses to down the side of a trailer or rear of the vehicle, DriveriHub uses standard Wi-Fi to ensure every scenario is covered. This includes trucks that have freight loading in the back, waste management on both sides or back, and oil and gas vehicles to view sensitive areas like valve connections. All camera views are available to the driver while in the cab, ensuring the driver has full control and can safely operate the fleet vehicle at all times.   

DriveriHub is typically installed inside a vehicle while the cameras are wired outside of the vehicle. With Wi-Fi connectivity to the Driveri device, DriveriHub uses the same high-quality HD video for added visibility. Customers can request videos over the fleet manager portal for coaching or event analysis. DriveriHub includes support for an in-cab monitor designed for the driver, for a complete view of all camera angles.

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