SANTA ANA, CA – The City of Santa Ana Finance Department’s Facilities-Fleet Maintenance-Central Stores (FMCS) division recently launched a shared motor pool system to reduce the size of its 700-unit fleet and lower fleet maintenance and replacement costs.

Sharing cars through a motor pool not only enables the City to reduce the number of cars assigned to City departments but also encourages more intensive utilization of fleet assets. To implement this concept, FMCS purchased and installed an automated motor pool system provided by INVERS Mobility Solutions that allows City staff to reserve, pick up, and return a pool car on a self-service basis.

The software allows City staff to place pool car reservations online and track key operating data such as car mileage, frequency of usage, and rental revenue. The INVERS key box allows for 24/7 unattended key dispatch and return.

The main system consists of 12 pool cars parked at the city yard where most current pool car users are based. Further, a car-sharing system with two cars has been installed at City Hall to introduce the car-sharing practice to City Hall employees. The Police Department is looking into the feasibility of car sharing for City staff working out of the Police Administration Building.

FMCS justified the investment in the system through cost avoidance benefits that occur when City staff turns in assigned cars in favor of the pool car alternative. Under this scenario, the average savings per assigned vehicle turned in is estimated to be $3,600 annually (not including equipment replacement funds).

Earlier this year, Santa Ana selected a sole-source parts supplier, choosing Orange County Auto Parts for its automotive and truck parts.