SACRAMENTO, CA – The recently released report, “2012 Progress Report For Reducing or Displacing the Consumption of Petroleum Products by the State Fleet,” by the State of California Department of General Services shows the State is on target to meet the 2020 goal of a 20-percent overall reduction in petroleum products from 2003 consumption levels.

So far, the California state fleet has reduced petroleum consumption by 13% and increased its alternative fuel use by 2,382% from 2003. Alt-fuel use includes compressed natural gas and propane, E-85, electricity, and biodiesel, totaling nearly 3.8 million gallons and gasoline-gallon equivalents.

Some successful measures taken so far to reduce petroleum consumption include an initial elimination of 3,397 of the State’s oldest and most fuel-inefficient vehicles, reducing vehicle miles traveled by eliminating 2,121 vehicle home storage permits, restructuring the lease rate of its rental fleet by separately billing State agencies for their fuel use, and building E-85 fueling stations and electric vehicle fueling stations throughout California. Additionally, Governor Jerry Brown’s Executive Order B-2-11 further reduced the State fleet, and Executive Order B-16-12 mandated an increase in the number of zero-emission vehicles purchased.

The report’s conclusion stated that if State agencies continue to reduce or displace petroleum consumption at its current rate, the State fleet is “on a trajectory to meet or exceed the 20% petroleum reduction goal by 2020.” It identified the need for additional alternative-fueling infrastructure and driver education as significant factors in further reducing petroleum consumption.

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