WASHINGTON – The federal General Services Administration (GSA) expects to save 29,900 gallons of gas annually, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 266 metric tons, and save almost $116,000 in fuel cost through the deployment of 116 plug-in electric vehicles. According to an article in the GSA’s Focus newsletter, the administration will lease the EVs to 20 agencies in five cities: Washington D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. The GSA is also working with agencies to efficiently install vehicle-charging infrastructure in federal buildings within the five pilot cities.

A GSA spokesperson wrote in an e-mail that as of June 4, the administration had delivered 70 electric pilot vehicles to customers, and it will deliver an additional 46 vehicles by the end of June. The pilot consists of 101 Chevrolet Volts, 10 Nissan Leafs, and five THINK vehicles.

The price difference between a gasoline sedan and an electric sedan is approximately $19,000 on average, the spokesperson said.