SPRINGFIELD, IL – The City of Springfield, Ill., worked with CST Fleet Services in March, 2012, to evaluate the its fleet’s performance and determine areas for improvement. CST found a number of areas where the City can improve operations, from record-keeping to centralizing fleet management and facilities.

According to the report, the City operates more than 800 heavy-duty vehicles and equipment and around 700 light-duty assets, maintained in four garages. CST recommended that the City form a Fleet Management Division to centralize City asset management to eliminate redundant services in multiple departments. In addition, CST recommended that this new division establish service level agreements between it and its departmental customers, which would assign assets and determine their use.

Other recommendations included right-sizing the fleet, consolidating vehicle maintenance into a single garage facility, implementing an asset management system that includes maintenance and fuel management functions (to address record-keeping issues), and restructuring the City’s fuel management processes to improve oversight.

CST estimates these changes would save 7% in operational costs, and produce a net return of more than $5.1 million over a period of six years.

By Greg Basich