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Fleet Management Software

New Mexico State Police Upgrades Fleet Software

FleetWave has been adopted by the New Mexico State Police to manage a fleet of 1,400 vehicles and will replace legacy software that was in place for more than 15 years.

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New Software Helps Calif. Sheriff Manage Vehicles, Weapons

The San Bernardino County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Dept.'s new software will be used to manage 2,200 vehicles and 16,000 pieces of equipment.

Chevin Offers Consultancy Service

Chevin Fleet Solutions has launched a new global consultancy service that is to be headed up by Bill Griffiths.

The City of Jamestown's Early Efforts at Centralization

A new fleet management software system is allowing the City of Jamestown, N.Y., Division of Fleet Services to make improvements, including early efforts at centralization.

Federal vs. State & Local Fleets

The largest U.S. fleets are in the federal government. How do they compare with state and local government fleets?

Chevin Offers Cloud-Based Fleet Management Software

Chevin Fleet Solutions, a leading global provider of fleet management software, has launched a new SaaS package designed to support essential fleet, maintenance and compliance management responsibilities.

Chevin Hires Former Fleet Manager of the Year

Bill Griffiths, the 2015 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year, has joined Chevin Fleet Solutions as its VP of global consulting & client services.

Mack Connect Offers Suite of Fleet Productivity Tools

Mack has updated its Mack Connect suite of productivity management tools, which it highlighted during a press briefing at the Mid-America Trucking Show, along with introducing an Anthem truck configurator tool and discussing customer experience surveys.

5 Fleet Management Software Features You Should Be Using

Graphical user interface-based fleet management information systems are 20 years old. You are using yours for more than just record keeping, right?

New York City Doubles Car Sharing Use

New York City fleet drivers increased their use of car sharing significantly in 2017, increasing average car share use by 98%. The city also increased its motor pool fleet by 8%.