LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FL - Fleet safety pioneer Driver's Alert Inc. has launched an integrated solution that transforms GPS data into actionable events to change driver behavior and improve safety. The Lighthouse Point, FL-based company is the first provider to leverage the latest in fleet GPS technology into a best-in-class behavior-based safety solution.

Companies are increasingly turning to fleet GPS tracking to deliver return on investment based on controlling fuel and maintenance costs and improving safety. Unfortunately, many get stuck with an email inbox full of fleet GPS data they never act on, said Paul Milazzo, Driver's Alert co-founder and chief operating officer.

"Fleet GPS tracking is a terrific tool for observing driver behavior, but there has to be a chain of action," Milazzo said. "If a manager gets an alert that an established safety rule was broken, and there is no system in place to handle the alert, there's a very good chance that incident will be ignored."

The integrated GPS solution manages every incident, converting duplicate alerts into a single, actionable item for managers to address with drivers. From there, Driver's Alert's proprietary software automatically recommends an applicable online training course from the company's unlimited-use library. Courses can be assigned with a simple mouse click, and the software documents your early intervention to limit liability.

Driver's Alert pioneered the product in cooperation with Geotab Inc., one of North America's largest fleet GPS tracking providers. It complements Driver's Alert's full suite of behavior-based safety products, from cutting-edge GPS tracking devices manufactured by Geotab to online training, driver observation, data management, and Motor Vehicle Reports.

"Our unique platform enables our value-added solution providers like Driver's Alert to leverage very rich data and extend more opportunities for savings in safety, and productivity," said Colin Sutherland, vice president of sales for Geotab.

GPS integration services are complimentary for customers who choose a Geotab fleet tracking, safety, and cost-cutting solution from Driver's Alert.

Source: Driver's Alert