WHEATON, IL - Michael Webster was named manager of fleet services for the Forest Preserve District of Dupage County in Illinois. He was previously director of fleet and transportation management at Citrus County, Fla. He began his new position on Dec. 5, replacing Nels Olson, who retired in August.

At the Forest Preserve District, Webster manages a fleet of approximately 1,300 vehicles and equipment. Fleet Services has a staff of 14 employees, with two primary maintenance facilities and two satellite facilities at golf courses, Webster said.



One of the areas that most interests him about the Forest Preserve District is its green policies. "In green initiatives, they're way ahead of the curve, they're actually on the experimental side of things," Webster said. He explained that in 2001, the Board of Commissioners adopted a fleet policy where the fleet would be 100-percent alternative-fuel use (including hybrids) by 2011. The District is close to achieving, with approximately 80 percent of its fleet utilizing alternative fuels, including hybrids, flex-fuel E-85 and CNG, and those that use B-20 biodiesel and propane. The District is currently constructing a second CNG fueling station.

In the less than four years that Webster worked at Citrus County, the fleet was recognized among the 100 Best Fleets three years in a row. In 2011, the County was named 24th among the 100 Best Fleets. Webster plans to submit an application for the District for the 100 Best in 2012.

At Citrus County, Lon Frye, previously operations manager for transportation, is currently serving as interim fleet and transportation director, according to Webster.

By Thi Dao