Collective Data Inc., a provider of fleet management software solutions, has released a software update to improve performance and add additional functionality to its suite of software applications.

"The release of our re-engineered core technology, which provides us with great flexibility and configurability, is a significant milestone for us as we further our software platform for additional end-user configurations and features," said Jason Wonase, president and CEO at Collective Data. "The experience garnered by deploying our rapid application framework over the years has provided us with a clear vision of where we need to go next."

The update included a significant improvement to memory management, requiring 75 percent less memory usage than previous versions. Software users will see an improvement to performance and quicker loading speeds. The update also included improvements to the system's audit log, simplified deployment over Citrix and Terminal Server systems, and various other fixes and improvements to the overall system. This update is compatible with all applications powered by core6, including collectiveFleet and Shop versions 5.2 through 5.5.

"This release is a demonstration of our continued commitment to invest in our technology," commented Wonase. "This boosts our lead in deploying highly configurable fleet management software to the markets we serve."