SAN RAFAEL, CA – The Marin County Department of Public Works approved the purchase of 35 vehicles to replace aging fleet vehicles among various County departments (each has more than 100,000 miles or more and are in need of major repairs). City documents detailed the purchase and stated that the funds used are part of the replacement fund and will have no impact on the County’s General Fund.

The funds used come from the County’s fleet replacement fund and totaled $1,011,015. A total of 15 vehicles out of the 35 are 2011-MY Ford Escape Hybrids or Ford Fusion Hybrids. Other vehicles purchased included Ford Rangers, conventional Ford Fusions, an E-350, an F-350, and an F-550.  City documents state that board policy mandates the purchase of “clean air” vehicles whenever possible. The vehicles purchased were all Ford models save for a 2011-MY Toyota Prius and a Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

By Greg Basich