TACOMA, WA – Pierce County has implemented policies for driving, maintaining, and purchasing vehicles that applies to all vehicles and equipment owned or leased by the county.

The anti-idling policy, for example, prohibits a driver from idling a gasoline-powered vehicle for longer than 30 seconds and a diesel-powered vehicle for more than three minutes in an hour except under specific policy exemptions. It also asks drivers to avoid sudden stops and quick starts, schedule and plan meetings to encourage efficient transport to and from locations, and to use public transit instead of rental vehicles when on county business out of state, where possible.

The county’s right-sizing policy mandates that county fleet managers find the most appropriate vehicle for the intended purpose prior to purchase. Supervisors must also train employees for compliance with the policy.

Vehicles exempt from the policy include emergency vehicles and equipment used in law enforcement assistance or public works and utilities operations. In addition, vehicles undergoing maintenance, in inclement weather, where a safety hazard could present itself, or in traffic, among a few other exceptions, are exempt.