DEARBORN, MI - Ford enlisted police offers to test its new Police Interceptor sedan and utility vehicles in six webisodes, which are posted below.

Officers tested Interceptor power and performance on a black lake simulating slick conditions, capability and durability in the Dog Bone gravel pit, and acceleration, handling and braking tests on a tight, aggressive cone course. Ford put its new Interceptor up against the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV and Dodge Charger Pursuit in two of the videos shown below.


Test Drive Video 1: Officers test power and performance on the handling course in Ford Police Interceptor sedans with standard 3.5L V-6 and optional twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6, and the Ford Police Interceptor utility with 3.7LV-6.

“We set out to develop our new Police Interceptors to not only meet the current leader – our own Crown Victoria – but to exceed it and the competition,” said Lisa Teed, Ford Police Interceptor marketing manager. “As we prepare for one of the biggest launches in our history of developing police vehicles, we’re committed to remaining the nation’s largest provider. These videos prove our new vehicles are purpose-built, capable, and deliver the safety, technology, and performance officers need to excel at their jobs.”


Test Drive Video 2: On a giant skid pad flooded with water, officers push the limits of handling and control in a Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility, Chevrolet Tahoe PPV and Dodge Charger Pursuit.

 Ford’s portfolio is designed to provide departments the ability to select the vehicle that best meets their needs. Agencies can now select from a combination of two body styles, all-wheel drive (AWD) or front-wheel drive (FWD), and multiple powertrains delivering at least 20-percent more fuel efficiency than the 4.6L single-overhead-cam (SOHC) V-8 offered in the current Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.


Test Drive Video 3: The Interceptor’s all-wheel-drive, pursuit-rated Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility are demonstrated in the Dog Bone gravel pit.

Ford’s new Police Interceptor utility vehicle is equipped with the 3.7L V-6 engine. This Ti-VCT engine, delivering at least 300 horsepower and E85 compatibility, is mated to a unique six-speed automatic transmission that combines lowered initial gears for improved off-the-line acceleration and higher gearing for improved efficiency at lower engine rpm when cruising.


Test Drive Video 4: Officers test the acceleration, handling and braking of the Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility, the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV and Dodge Charger Pursuit on a tight, aggressive cone course.

For the sedan, officers will have their choice of a 3.5L V-6 engine delivering at least 280 horsepower and E85 compatibility, or the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 twin-turbocharged, direct-injection engine delivering at least 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque across a broad rpm range.


Test Drive Video 5: The next-generation Ford Police Interceptor is built to protect officers in the event of a crash, and engineered to help them avoid a crash before it happens.

Both Ford Police Interceptors will be manufactured at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant and will debut after production of the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor ends at the end of 2011.


Test Drive Video 6: Two distinct Ford Police Interceptor models, on one common platform, are designed and engineered from the ground up to help officers do their jobs better.